Don't buy a cat in a sack

Billboard reads: 'Don't buy a cat in a sack!' (Don't buy a pig in a poke). Ballot box reads 'Save Democracy', badge reads 'Candidate'.

Man: Yeah enough... just buy the sack ... (and hope for the best)

Electoral observers say that one of the reasons the 2019 legislative elections will be undemocratic is because of the limited information available to voters on candidate's profiles and backgrounds.

Voters must identify around 250-450 candidates in the electoral district where they will vote and most candidates are unwilling to publish detailed biographies on the official General Elections Commission (KPU) website – which is hardly surprising given that many parties are fielding former corruption convicts or candidates under investigation for corruption.

And, even if voters are tech savvy enough to hunt down a name on the KPU's convoluted and difficult to use website, in many cases where candidates have supposedly uploaded such information, the links to the associated PDF files are (some claim intentionally) broken.

Kompas - June 27, 2018