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South Sulawesi mini markets raided again for openly selling condoms

Jakarta Post - December 31, 2018

Jakarta Personnel of the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) in Makassar, South Sulawesi, have for the umpteenth time raided several mini markets for openly selling condoms. The sweeping raids were conducted ahead of New Year's Eve celebrations, which will take place on Monday evening.

"We have confiscated hundreds [of condoms] from a number of mini markets in Makassar. They distributed the contraceptives openly. These sweeping raids aimed to prevent sexual promiscuity among underaged people and teenagers," Satpol PP acting head Muflih said on Sunday.

He said selling condoms openly without applying a minimum age requirement for the buyers was a violation of the law. During New Year's Eve celebrations, condoms are in high demand, sought especially by teenagers and adolescents, Muflih claimed.

Muflih said Satpol PP had anticipated the open sale of condoms in mini markets by releasing a circular, which urged the stores to sell the products only to adults. Anyone who wants to buy a condom must show their ID.

"We introduced this policy in February, since which time we have issued copies of the circular to more than 400 mini markets in Makassar so they will not sell the contraceptives openly, especially to underage people," Muflih said after the raid.

The Satpol PP head said he was certain that many mini markets still sold condoms because the sweeping raids could not reach all of them.

Muflih admitted there were no exact rules that prohibited the sale of condoms. However, a bylaw on public order has included sexual promiscuity and sexual intercourse outside marriage as a violation to social and religious norms. (mai/ebf)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2018/12/31/south-sulawesi-mini-markets-raided-again-for-openly-selling-condoms.html.

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