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Another couple has been lashed for having sex outside of marriage in Indonesia

Metro - March 11, 2017

Jimmy Nsubuga A man and woman have been publicly lashed in Indonesia's ultra-conservative Aceh region for allegedly having sex outside of marriage.

They were punished in Banda Aceh, in the only region in the country to be ruled by strict Islamic Sharia law.

The woman received 100 lashes, while the man was given 120 the same number of lashings as a child molester.

Pictures showed them wincing in pain as they were beaten in front of crowds, on a stage that had been positioned near a mosque in the regional capital.

After being marched to the stage by police, they were caned by a person who had their face covered.

It's the second time this brutal punishment has been administered this year, following the beating of a young couple in February. On that occasion, a man had to be carried off the public stage after collapsing as a result of the caning.

This round of beatings also saw a gambler being lashed nine times, and a child molester receiving 120 lashes.

A lot of Muslims in Indonesia practice a moderate version of the faith, but things are different in Banda Aceh. Sharia law was allowed to be implemented in the region in 2001 as a way for the Indonesian government to please separatists in the area.

That means if you're caught having gay sex, sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol or gambling, you are likely to be punished in public. It's the only province in Indonesia where strict Sharia law is implemented.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/11/another-couple-has-been-lashed-for-having-sex-outside-of-marriage-in-indonesia-6503780/.

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