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North Aceh bans trans women from operating or being employed in salons

Kumparan News - February 9, 2018

Greater Aceh regent Mawardi Ali has again issued a circular. This time the regional government has banned beauty salons from being run by or employing transgender women (waria).

The ban was issued in Regency Instruction Number 1/2018 on the control and licensing of barbers, salons and beauty parlors that are managed and inhabited by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups in the Greater Aceh regency.

"Yes the circular is true, and shortly we will hold a meeting with all sub-district heads to collect data on salons in the Greater Aceh area", said Mawardi when contacted by phone on Friday February 9.

Speaking to Kumparan (kumparan.com) Mawardi explained that the Greater Aceh regency government has totally banned all behaviors which violate Islamic regulations. One of these is LGBT.

Because of this he will not issue licenses to the owners of salons which are managed by or employ transgender women. "If waria employees are found, we will revoke the salon's business license", said Mawardi.

All regency officials in Greater Aceh, said Mawardi, will be monitoring the activities of beauty salon businesses and the results of this monitoring will be passed on to him.

"From the results of these reports we will then request that the relevant office through public order agency officials and the Islamic religious police close down the said salons if they are found to violate the regulation", he said.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the article was Waria Dilarang Buka Usaha dan Bekerja di Salon di Aceh Besar.]

Source: https://kumparan.com/@kumparannews/waria-dilarang-buka-usaha-dan-bekerja-di-salon-di-aceh-besar.

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