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ASIET Publications on Indonesia

 Military ties

No Australian military ties with Indonesia

    Published July 1998, this document examines the history of Australia's military ties with Indonesia and its ongoing support for the regime in the post-Suharto era.

 The struggle for democracy

The struggle for democracy in Indonesia - Introducing the PRD

An introduction to the Indonesian people's struggle against the Indonesian dictatorship and background information on the PRD.

 East Timor

Fighting together - Indonesians and East Timorese join in struggle

First published in March 1996, this document details the December 7, 1995 embassy occupations in Jakarta by Indonesian and East Timorese activists. It includes previously unreleased press reports, statements and chronologies and interviews with participants produced at the time the actions were being carried out.

 Workers' rights

The fight for workers' rights in Indonesia

First published in July 1995, this document provides background and information for solidarity activists on the economic and political conditions faced by Indonesian workers and the activities of the Indonesian labour movement.

 Dita Sari in Indonesia

Dita Sari: Jailed for daring to struggle

    First published in December 1997, this is a story of an activist whose courage, tireless struggle and self-sacrifice has won the respect of activists and ordinary Indonesians alike.


Educational videos

    Educational videos on the struggle for democracy in Indonesia.