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In Suharto's prisons

Below is a list of members of the PRD and affiliated organisations who are currently detained. The list was received by ASIET from PRD headquarters in Indonesia, and is up-to-date as of October 1996.


  1. Budiman Sujatmiko, President & member Presidium KIPP (Independent Election Monitoring Committee)
  2. Petrus H. Hariyanto, Secretary-General
  3. Jacobus Kurniawan, Head, Department of Organisation
  4. I Gusti Anom Astika, Head Department of Education and Propaganda


  1. Dita Indah Sari, President
  2. Ignatius Pranowo, Secretary-General
  3. Wilson, Head of Education and Propaganda
  4. Kelik Ismunandar, Chair, Solo branch
  5. Nia Damayanti, member Surabaya branch
  6. Wignyo, member Medan branch


  1. Garda Sembiring, Chair Jabotabek & Chair KIPP Jakarta
  2. Suroso, Secretary, Jabotabek
  3. Ken Buda Kusumandaru, Head Department of Education and Propaganda, Jabotabek
  4. Victor Da Costa, member Jabotabek branch
  5. Putut Ariantoko, member Purwokerto branch
  6. Yul Amrozi, Chairperson Yogyakarta branch
  7. Bayu Kusuma Dewanto, Chair, Komisariat University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta
  8. Yulianto Sigit, member Komisariat University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta
  9. Subarni Budhi Kasih, member Komisariat University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta
  10. Onang Tiyoso, Head, Department of Education and Propaganda, Solo
  11. Samsul, member Solo branch
  12. Budi, member Solo branch
  13. Didit Sutopo, member Solo branch
  14. Winuranto Adhi, Chairperson, Malang branch.
SMID members arrested, released but must report daily
  1. Lisa Febriani, Secretary, Surabaya branch.
  2. Mohammad Sholeh, Head Department of Education and Propaganda,. Surabaya
  3. Triyana, member Surabaya branch
  4. Trio Yohannes Marpaung, member Surabaya branch
  5. Wirayanti, Chairperson Semarang branch.
  6. Nurleli, Head, Finance and Administration, Semarang
  7. Aan Rusdiyanto, member Semarang branch
  8. Stevanus, member Semarang branch
  9. Hari, member Semarang branch


  1. Coen Hussein Pontoh, Head, Department of Education and Propaganda
  2. Agung Hardana., member East Java branch
  3. Zainal Abidin, member East Java branch


  1. David Kris, Chairperson, Surabaya branch
  2. Brewok, member Surabaya branch

Keep up the struggle outside

Consolidate the organisation and keep close to the people. Quickly or slowly the people will march forward to make their own history. Believe in each other and help each other. We in prison will keep up the fight the best we can. We are saying nothing. We have refused to make any statements or be interrogated under the Subversion Act No 11/pnps/1963 because this Act was introduced by the Guided Democracy Government of the day as a way to legitimise suppression of its political opponents.

We are well both physically and spiritually!

They will not be able to destroy the movement for democracy by imprisoning and intimidating us. Prison is our school and we are lucky to be in the class of [...word unclear].

We send our solidarity to our comrades who are still being hunted. We know this will not last long and that everybody will maintain their political stamina.

Letter from inside the Attorney General Detention Centre 20 September, 1996 -- Budiman, Petrus, Wilson, Anom, Garda and Wignyo.

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