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US president Obama Malaysian visit not in rakyat interest!

Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) Statement - April 22, 2014

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) greets the visit of the American President, Barack Obama this weekend, 26th April till 27th April, 2014 in protest over the continuous economic hegemony that USA intend to establish in the Asia Pacific region.

US being the key driving force to seal the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) with 11 other countries including Malaysia has been persistently enhancing the interest of the American corporations. Guided by US capitalist, the agreement chapters seek to extend medicine patents, strengthen Intellectual Property Rights, tear down all protectionist policies of developing countries, allow corporations to sue sovereign states and trample on labour and environmental safeguards.

PSM condemns President Obama's claim that the TPPA is the 'gold standard' trade agreement of the 21st century. The TPPA is clearly a anti people pro capitalist trade agreement allowing corporations vast powers beyond those of developing countries.

Even though it is not clear if the TPPA will be in the discussion agenda with Prime Minister Najib, but PSM strongly feels that President Obama will not want to miss this opportunity to stress the importance of Malaysia to put aside differences and work towards concluding TPPA negotiations. For Obama, any objections against the TPPA and US corporations interest will be regarded as Malaysia being a 'non ally' of the superpower.

Obama has failed to obtain fast track from the US Congress, thus commitments by the US negotiators in the TPPA can be reversed by the lawmakers later. Thus it would be irrational for Prime Minister Najib to make any commitments on the TPPA to Obama.

We fear that Obama will capitalise on the current MH370 tragedy and the Sabah kidnapping incidents to stress the importance of US intervention the regions security. Security enhancement offers from the USA would be made as 'trade-offs if Malaysia compromise on its redlines in the TPPA. The US regime has always used trade and security hand in hand to twist arms of nations to accept its economic hegemony.

Obama seeks a coherent business environment in the region for its business capitalist to win over competition from China and India. Obama will ensure he is able to trash out all contentious issues with leaders of states whom had reservations on the TPPA.

He is visiting Japan before Malaysia. If he can do a deal in Japan with the Japanese Prime Minister on removing its agriculture tariffs on US Products, then the rest of the TPP will probably be concluded quite quickly. With Japan in his side, Obama could 'threaten' Najib that Malaysia would 'lose out' if it still puts forward sensitive issues in the TPPA negotiations. PSM fears that the weak Najib Tun Razak would submit to Obama's request.

If Obama is successful, then the TPPA could be concluded as early as May at APEC Ministerial meeting in China scheduled in May, 2014.

In view of the crucial visit by the U.S President this weekend to Malaysia, PSM calls on the rakyat to rise in protest against TPPA, the US economic agenda. The rakyat will have to send a clear message to Obama that the minority BN government does not have the mandate to conclude the TPPA when Malaysians are saying No to TPPA.

PSM opposes President Obama's visit as his visit only enhances the interest of the US Corporations and Big Pharmaceuticals against the needs of the rakyat.

No to TPPA, No to Obama, No to US Economic Hegemony!


Source: http://partisosialis.org/en/node/2869.

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