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Protests as dictator Prayut shakes hands with British and French leaders

Ugly Truth Thailand - June 25, 2018

Giles Ji Ungpakorn There were symbolic protests by pro-democracy Thais and their allies in Europe as the dictator Prayut shook hands with Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron.

Prayut was on a shopping spree to buy weapons and sign investment agreements with Britain and France. The visit exposes the hypocrisy and empty words of Western governments regarding democracy and human rights in Thailand.

There have been many sarcastic comments on Thai social media about Prayut's body language during the meeting with Theresa May. He is clearly not used to diplomatic discussions and some have suggested that he looked more like he was at a job interview! Of course Theresa May hardly ever looks relaxed and normal herself. There have also been amused social media comments on his apparent inability to say anything to Theresa May other than "yes yes" "Sure" and "thank you".

Others have commented on how the Generalissimo briefly changed his image from the aggressive bully that he is inside Thailand to a compliant lapdog.

Prayut has just restarted the death penalty in Thailand, claiming that it would provide a "lesson" to criminals. Of course, the real criminals like himself, who ordered the cold-blooded murder of pro-democracy demonstrators, know that they will always enjoy immunity from prosecution.

Prayut has been upset by a recent article in Time magazine comparing him to former dictator Sarit and calling him a "mini Sarit". Despite denials from the junta, it seems that the current issue of the magazine is difficult to obtain in Thailand!

Thai pro-democracy activists in France used Pinocchio images of Prayut, which initially appeared on anti-junta demonstrations in Bangkok. The military junta has repeatedly lied about elections and constantly postpones them. The latest excuse is that they must be held after the coronation ceremony of the new king.

The French newspaper "Liberation" wrote that "Prayuth has scuttled the reputation of Thailand, a country yet traditionally so concerned about its image internationally. Under his belt, the country has fallen to the last places of all the international indicators to measure respect for human rights and democratic principles".

Source: https://uglytruththailand.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/protests-as-dictator-prayut-shakes-hands-with-british-and-french-leaders/.

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