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Fighting together - Indonesians and East Timorese join in struggle

First published in March 1996, this dossier details the December 7, 1995 embassy occupations in Jakarta by Indonesian and East Timorese activists. It includes previously unreleased press reports, statements and chronologies and interviews with participants produced at the time the actions were being carried out.
The Maubere people's struggle for independence
First published in July 1995, this dossier contains letters and a speech by East Timorese as well as position papers by Indonesians campaigning for self-determination in East Timor.
Xanana Gusmao: "Action is worth more than a million letters"
First published in June 1996, this pamphlet carries the full text of an interview by John Pilger with Xanana Gusmao from his prison cell in Jakarta. The introduction includes previously un-released material from personal correspondence with Xanana.

-ASIET Videos

Indonesia: One Struggle One Change

    Indonesia: One Struggle One Change examins how teh current economic crisis has created the greatest opportunity for change Indonesians have seen in years. One Change is a comprehensive 30-minute documentary shot in Indonesia and East Timor in 1997.  The documentary captures the current political climate through the voices of those long silenced.  Pro-democracy advocates, East Timorese, labour organisers, students, and workers speak out about life under the boot of the Indonesian regime.

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